Do you want to feel?

  • empowered

  • mind and body connection

  • energized

  • confident

  • capable

  • emotionally resilient

Do you want to stop?

  • feeling exhausted

  • putting your needs last

  • the overactive inner critic

  • the self- sabotaging bahaviour

  • feeling unworthy

  • comparing yourself to others

  • feeling resentful

Do you value?

  • gaining understanding

  • exploration

  • clarification

  • progression

Are you ready?

  • To speak your truth

  • To change the way you think

  • To have more emotional agility

  • To love yourself

  • To live a more meaningful and successful life!

I'd to help you!

I'm Rachel, former transformation lead of global change projects turned professional life coach.

I help smart, sensitive, women, like you tackle the unhelpful mindset gremlins (like overthinking, negative thinking, fear of rejection, perfectionism) that deny you being able to love and express yourself fully. You want to think healthier. You deserve that. Let's get your mind and body reconnected, tune into your deeper knowing and allow the true you to emerge.

Life Thought Coach

The Mind and Body connection play a vital role in the state of our emotional & mental health.

Let's get truly honest for a moment

There is nothing quite frustrating than waking up of a morning feeling you can achieve anything and then feeling hopeless the next. Putting on "I'm doing fine" attitude for the world when inside you feel like sh*t! Generally feeling empty. It's mentally exhausting.

Below the surface, deep down you know something needs to change. You sense that there is more to you but your mind seems to have another opinion! It tells you things like:

  • You know you're not good enough

  • You're such an idiot

  • You don't have what it takes to be ...

  • You're a fraud

  • You don't deserve to be happy

  • You're not lovable

  • You're fail

  • You're not capable

  • People won't like it if you....


The worst thing is you know that the only person your hurting is you. And it feels like crap because you know your self-sabotaging behaviour is holding you back from allowing to really live the life and be the person that deep down is calling.

Ok, take a deep breath

Listen, as hard as it may seem now, you can change. You can calm the mental gremlins. You can feel better about yourself, feel confident to speak up, put yourself first without feeling guilty, and love all of you, flaws included!

It's time to say enough is enough, now it's my turn to show this world who I am and what I can do. I'm ready to stand up and be unapologetically me.

And the best news of all.... it's possible!

Some freebies!!




Do you know what the underlying message is that your emotions are actually telling you? Or do you just experience them.

Knowing the underlying message can help you be more effective in your communication.


Developing Self-awareness

Beneath the Surface

Are you ready to dive into you?

  • 6 day online email course to help YOU better understand YOU.

  • Raise your awareness and gain insight to what your Coping Strategies are and what your Fear Avoidance trap is!

  • Discover how they all show up and impact your life!




Time to take action?

Get clear about what obstacles you need to overcome in your life BEFORE you can get what your heart and soul craves and truly deserves.

A simple but highly effective process!


From frustration and disappointment to a feeling relaxed and empowered

“Before my coaching sessions with Rachel, I was feeling frustrated and disappointed, fighting to move forward in a healthier way. I wanted to feel self-worth again. In only a few sessions I felt I could do anything. I quit struggling and fighting for change, I just welcomed it and loved the experience. I got honest with myself and was willing to drop my ego. This was huge, it changed everything for me. Like dominos, things moved fast, as old thoughts and feeling fell away, my life changed.

The best concrete result is being able to just relax into things and no longer try to force them. I can reevaluate my thoughts, catch the negatives and turn them into empowering thoughts. It’s been fun watching myself grow emotionally, mentally, visually, Physically, and seeing how much happier those around me are because I am. I am no longer a people pleaser, I just became me. I am more forgiving, I set good boundaries, without being harsh. My future feels wide open. The sky is truly the limit. If I ever get stuck again, well Rachel is my go-to gal!. Her vibe is relaxed and confident. I’d recommend Rachel to anyone, other coaches would benefit a lot, I know I sure did!”

Reggie Fluty


Overwhelmed & Disbelief to New Focus and Possibilities

" Before my coaching with Rachel, I had an overwhelming feeling of loss and disbelief. It was difficult to sleep and think straight. I was going through a complete transition in my life. I felt guilty and profound sadness.

Through the recommendation of a friend, I reached out to Rachel. I felt fully understood and established a smooth and quick connection with her. She helped me realize the importance of taking care of myself.

Rachel is a caring and insightful coach and helped me get clarity about my future and what actions I needed to take. I feel a sense of relief, and the burden I was carrying has lifted opening new possibilities for my future. I am able now to focus on my business, socializing and exploring. I would recommend Rachel to any friend in need".


Stockholm, Sweden

Repressing Emotions to Expressing Freely with Confidence

"I found myself living a life that alternated between feeling happy and unhappy for many years. I realized there was a need to get in touch with my emotions because my romantic relationships, but also friendships and professional relationships were not fulfilling. It was like everything was clear in my mind; I was aware of my problem, I knew where it was coming from. Only I couldn’t figure a way out of the situation, so I could experience life more fully.

I didn't allow people to be close to me or me to them. Somewhat limiting for myself, especially as my career calls for making an impact on others, and inspiring them. That's when I reached out to Rachel. Utilizing NLP techniques and tools, I've become an expert in recognizing, embracing and reacting upon what my emotions tell me. I've learned to open up, to direct my emotional response towards my goals, to enjoy intimacy, and realize what is important for me in a relationship, and much more.

I’ve become aware of my patterns, structure of my thoughts, obstacles, but also my options in life. Working with Rachel has helped me view things from another perspective and be able to tune into myself and find answers.

I'm happy with how I'm bonding with people, how I communicate more effectively, my spontaneity and my confidence in expressing myself. Whether it's for leadership, relationship, dealing with emotional baggage, skills, or simply to drive your private life and/or a career in a better or new way, you are at the right place".


Stockholm, Sweden,

Safe and comfortable space to explore difficult issues

"Rachel ability to create a safe and comfortable space for her clients to explore difficult issues is amazing!

As I a coach myself I know how special that skill is, and anybody can benefit from her natural talent.

The path to emotional well-being is different for each individual. She knows how to ask the right questions at the right time and allows the time for you to process your thoughts, which is what a coach does!!!"


New York, NY USA

Intense shameful thoughts to a future free of shame!

"I was experiencing thoughts of intense shame. This manifested itself in judging my husband’s behaviour. I didn’t understand why which left me feeling bad and negative about myself. Following my instinct, I reached out to Rachel.

Working with Rachel felt natural and simple, her warm and tender presence quickly had me feeling comfortable. The coaching experience was different from past experiences because I was guided in getting a deep understanding of the root cause of my judgment. Four weeks have passed since my session and I see a big difference in my relationship with my husband. We are far more relaxed and experiencing synchronicities throughout the day with each other. I am able to let him be himself, no longer judging him for his actions. I no longer feel guilty when I take time for myself. This has made a big difference in my life and my future is now free of being ashamed. I will recommend Rachel to many people I know and who may need her help."