Life Thought Coach for Optimal Performance and Emotional Wellbeing

Our mind and body connection play a vital role in the state of our emotional & mental health.


10 emotions & the message they bring!

Release disempowering stories

to allow your true self to emerge !

Consider/Ask yourself:

Have you a story which you carry around around from your past that is impacting your present in a negative way?

Do you see how your limiting beliefs limit you but can't seem to change them?

Are you weighed down by the emotional baggage you carry with you everyday?

Holding onto a mix of unprocessed emotions acquired throughout the years creates emotional baggage. These unprocessed feelings from our past, come from people, places, behaviors and experiences, which still have a negative impact in our present.

Set healthy boundaries to protect

yourself and your relationships

Consider /ask yourself:

Do you care too much what other people think?

Do you fear consequences?

Do you find you give up on what matters to you?

Are you getting potential symptons of a burn out?

When we set boundaries, we are in fact saying no to the things we do not want to do. We are letting people know what is not ok for us. However it can be be quite common to fail because we actually find it somewhat difficult.

Do you feel ?

You're on an emotional rollercoaster

You have an overactive inner critic

You have a lack self-confidence

You're self- sabotaging

Do you want ?

Clarity and meaning

Become self- empowered

Connect to your life purpose

Embrace unprocessed emotions

Be at peace with a past challenge

Be a great leader:

for yourself and to others

Do you value ?





Are you ready.... ?

To lead with authenticity

To rethink life challenges

To have more emotional agility

To upgrade your minds blueprint

To live a meaningful & successful life!

Explore your mind and tap into your full potential !

Gain new perspectives and live in alignment  with your values for a more fulfilling life. It is an experience you will forever value. Having a coach excelerates your progress so those life's desires you have are just around the corner, not years away!

I'd love to help you!


                             Ivona, Sweden        



Sweden, Stockholm

Repressing Emotions to Expressing Freely with Confidence

"I found myself living a life that alternated between feeling happy and unhappy for many years. I realised there was a need to get in touch with my emotions because my romantic relationships, but also friendships and professional relationships were not fulfilling. It was like everything was clear in my mind; I was aware of my problem, I knew where it was coming from. Only I couldn’t figure a way out of the situation, so I could experience life in more fully.

I didn't allow people to be close to me or me to them. Somewhat limiting for myself, especially as my career calls for making an impact on others, and inspiring them. That's when I reached out to Rachel. Utilising NLP techniques and tools, I've become an expert in recognising, embracing and reacting upon what my emotions tell me. I've learned to open up, to direct my emotional response towards my goals, to enjoy intimacy, and realise what is important for me in a relationship, and much more.

I’ve become aware of my patterns, structure of my thoughts, obstacles, but also my options in life. Working with Rachel has helped me view things from another perspective and be able to tune into myself and find answers.

I'm happy with how I'm bonding with people, how I communicate more effectively, my spontaneity and my confidence in expressing myself. Whether it's for leadership, relationship, dealing with emotional baggage, skills, or simply to drive your private life and/or a career in a better or new way, you are at the right place".




                                        Sweden Stockholm

Overwhelmed & Disbelief to New Focus and Possibilities

" Before my coaching with Rachel, I had an overwhelming feeling of loss and disbelief. It was difficult to sleep and think straight. I was going through a complete transition in my life. I felt guilty and profound sadness.

Through the recommendation of a friend, I reached out to Rachel. I I felt fully understood and established a smooth and quick connection with her. She helped me realize the importance of taking care of myself.

Rachel is a caring and insightful coach and helped me get clarity about my future and what actions I needed to take. I feel a sense of relief, and the burden I was carrying has lifted opening new possibilities for my future.

I am able now to focus on my business, socializing and exploring. I would  recommend Rachel to any friend in need".




From paralysis to major breakthrough

" Before working with Rachel, I worked with other coaches and while I did make some progress I always felt something was missing and that they focused on surface issues. I was introduced to Rachel by a mutual acquaintance whom worked with Rachel previously and had major breakthroughs in various area of her life.

I was struggling with deciding to start my own business or going back into the corporate world. The fear of starting my own business and the risk involved paralyzed me but also excited me. This fear caused me to start procrastinating in all aspects of my life. Although I had this burning desire to start my own business the comfort of working for a company that paid me a paycheck kept on haunting me. The conflict that I faced kept me from doing anything.

After working with Rachel, I was able to have a clear insight into how to deal with this conflict. She helped me to confront this conflict and overcome my paralysis. She challenged me to look deeper at my situation and asked questions that got to the core.

I am happy to say that after working with Rachel I was able to make a major breakthrough and decide the right course of action for me that would give me the satisfaction I was looking for ".

                                              Kirstin,                                     Boston,Massachusetts

Overwhelm of deep responsibility to immeadiate insightful new perspective

"Before my session with Rachel, I was feeling overwhelmed by a deep sense of responsibility I have toward a family member. It was consuming and leading to nonconstructive anger. During our discussion, Rachel probed my perspectives deeply and questioned me from various angles until she finally got through – even when it was a bit uncomfortable – she didn’t let me off the hook and stayed with it. She helped me to see other viewpoints and to formulate a new framework for letting others be responsible for their own lives. I gained immediate insight after our first session and I look forward to working with her. I appreciate her willingness to take me out of my comfort zone. True growth comes only when we push ourselves! "


                          New York, NY USA

Safe and comfortable space to explore difficult issues

"Rachel ability to create a safe and comfortable space for her clients to explore difficult issues is amazing!

As I a coach myself I know how special that skill is, and anybody can benefit from her natural talent.

The path to emotional well-being is different for each individual. She knows how to ask the right questions at the right time and allows the time for you to process your thoughts, which is what a coach does!!!"