Building confidence is the willingness to be rejected

How many of us actually are living life avoiding rejection? It is a primitive fear we begin to experience from a really young age. As children we want to be accepted by our peers, to belong to a group. Seeking approval becomes our objective at the sacrifice of speaking our truth. We spend much of our time either hiding or moving away from the risk of being rejected by others. Not being seen!

  1. How much it is costing you fearing rejection?

  2. How much of your time do you spend avoiding it?

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The problem is not the problem!

How we think about the problem, is the problem. Problems only become problems when we think they are problems. Which is why a problem for one person may not be a problem for another. Thoughts have a lot of power, especially when we give a thought our attention. Focusing on a specific thought attracts similar like thoughts, which may or may not be helpful to us.

How you think about and what you focus on in respect to a “problem” is your problem.

Shifting your attention to the solution, allows you to focus on moving forward.

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Personal development and productivity are really about what it is we want to get out of life. Our vision. Maybe that’s reading a book, writing a book, to get a promotion, setting up a business, losing weight and becoming healthier.

Whatever it is that you WANT but have NOT YET ACHIEVED, is down to one thing – YOUR THOUGHT!

Let me explain what I mean with this. A favorite saying, we have all heard and used is“I don’t have enough time”which we actually believe right? We believe that TIME is the problem, but is this really true?  Well what if I said NO it’s not true. Time isn’t our problem; the problem is the story we create in our mind and tell ourselves.

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Feeling less stress and being in control of our emotions is something everyone wants to have in their life and here is how to start bringing it into your life.

To change how we approach things, we need to change the way we think. To change the way we think requires daily practice.

Practice the following 5 steps on a day-to-day basis

1. Choose to RESPOND instead of react

2. FOCUS on your circle of control

3. Determine what MATTERS now

4. Know your INNER RESOURCES are there to help

5. Re-write the MEANING you’ve assigned to "negative" event

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Experienced leaders have a wealth of talent and acquire much experience, but if they don't have a growth mindset, reaching their full potential shall remain always hidden in the shadows. Learning to recognize which thought habits cheat you of your mental strength, is a great step to upgrade your mindset.

Your mind is your biggest supporter or your worst enemy.

Truly successful leaders all have one in thing in common; they’re always ready to challenge their thinking. They want to lead from a beautiful state of mind.

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