1. Choose to RESPOND instead of reacting

There is a space between an event and a behaviour which for most is used to react instantly on the new information or a new situation being presented. But there is a better choice. Take a pause for a moment and consider what just happened. Take a few seconds to consider what your current state is, calm yourself and choose a response that will serve you and the other person best.

2. FOCUS on your circle of influence

When confronted with a stressful or emotional situation, turn your attention to identifying what is in your control and what’s not. Accept what’s happened because you can’t change it. Know that you can determine the action you want to take next. An action that could improve the situation and who knows, may create a much better result. By controlling your response, you position yourself to be more influential in what happens next. Empower yourself by focusing on what you can control. When you dwell on things not in your circle of influence, they are out of your control, you disempower yourself and make yourself more frustrated and more stressed.

3. Determine what MATTERS now

When presented with a challenging situation in life, it's important to determine what really matters, prioritize and act immediately. Many people easily begin to stress out about little unurgent matters and lose sight of what's really important to them and what to focus on first. By just consciously taking a few moments to stop and reflect, you are able to refocus your mind and determine what matters now in the present.

4. Know your INNER RESOURCES are there to help

I heard once at a seminar that if people made a circle, put their problems in the middle, and were asked to pick a problem to take back out, most people will pick out their own problem to salvage. Whatever challenges you are facing, which may cause stress or negative emotions, you can handle them. To put things into perspective, ask yourself: Am I going to die right now?  More than likely your answer will be “no”. Realize you CAN handle the presented situation.

Of course, situations which arise will vary in degree of difficulty, some situations being extremely difficult to deal with. However step by step, solutions can be found within you to enable you to keep moving forward.

5. Re-write the MEANING you’ve assigned to "negative" events

When something happens to us, we create an image and through our language assign meaning. Keep this in mind; all events we experience are neutral until we decide to label them with meaning. If in the most difficult of situations you can find the lesson if offers and learn from it and maybe even develop a new skill, the experience albeit difficult can hold a positive outcome and become a motivator to keep going.

Re-write the meaning is a skill that can be developed, just like a muscle. The more you practice, the more familiar it becomes to think like that. Your mind is always in search of the familiar. Start saying" opportunity knocks " a whole lot more when difficult situation arise. Before you know it, your mind will program itself as the automatic response!

Emotional wellbeing is our responsibility

To bring balance into life begins with being mindful

Be mindful with how you choose to be with your emotions.