What is coaching?

Coaching is a relationship where a space is created of non-judgement and acceptance and trust is built. It is your space to teach me how you see your world and I listen.

  • I don’t make assumptions, words have different meanings for everyone; I will ask you to clarify what you mean.
  • I will ask questions to invite you to explore your stories, your desires and your challenges.
  • I will reflect back to you what I observe, so you can learn and understand more about yourself.
  • We will identify roadblocks between where you are and where you want to be.

These are all important when you want to really make a shift in your mindset. Our main focus is moving you forward, though sometimes we may need to look to your past to overcome present barriers. It can be possible that coaching gets emotional and that’s perfectly fine if this happens, in may even be a valuable experience for you. Evoking transformational change, which is my intent, may call for me to occasionally ask difficult questions or shine light on areas that may stir things up a little. Being true to oneself is the best gift you can give to you, it is an essential ingredient to evolve.

I am not responsible for your transformation or result, you are. I know you have the full capability to do that yourself, I will help you find those capabilities and hold you accountable. When you have the desire to commit, persist, turn up fully 100% for the sessions and act, you will evolve like a butterfly and be a true leader for yourself.

The objectives of my coaching

  • Identify your map of world, your personal values, perceptions, and attitudes which make up your belief system
  • Identify the source of the life challenge you're experiencing
  • Recognize the role that the life challenge plays in your life
  • Recognizing situations that trigger you the most
  • Examining if there is truth to your belief
  • Remove old beliefs by developing new beliefs which are realistic and serve you
  • Provide you with tools to support you in your transformation journey

Life is a gift of lessons and when embraced, helps you grow, evolve and moves you forward in a positive direction.

Commitment, perseverance and a will to want to change is key to your success.   

Are you ready to get inside your mind? Do you want to change the way you think & feel and ultimately transform your life & career for the better?           

YES ....then please apply for coaching with Rachel for a free no obligation consultation call. I look forward to hearing from and hopefully working together to make a true difference in your life.