I help smart sensitive women to think differently, connect mind and body, find their voice & live a more fulfilling life.


It's time to put you first!

Do you sometimes feel angry and resentful because you feel taken advantage of?

Do you seem to always put other peoples needs before your own?

Do you often feel like you need to defend yourself?

Do you feel like you've lost your voice?

Do you let others define you?

Feel guilty for saying NO?


Then it's time to get empowered and put YOU and your needs first!

Setting healthy boundaries can be a struggle for women, which is why I put together this coaching package. To help women like you. I know how important they are for your self-esteem and how much better your relationships will be with boundaries. I want that for you. You deserve it. Your needs matter.

This coaching program will help you discover....

  • How you can tap into inner resources which will support setting healthy boundaries.

  • How you can find the truth behind why you allow unhealthy boundaries.

  • How to express confidently your needs and stop repressing them.

  • Create the right motivation to support setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.

  • Incorporate self care practices essential to sustain personal boundary settings.

The 5 coaching sessions empower you by...

  • Having a tool to feel confident at any time you wish to help with setting and enforcing healthy boundaries

  • Understanding the root cause for setting and not setting boundaries

  • Having clear limits and rules to get more of what you want and less of what you don't want and up level all relationships.

  • Uncovers your way of thinking which stops you from enforcing healthy boundaries.

  • A motivation strategy that moves you in the direction you want to go.

  • Gaining increased energy, peace of mind and a positive outlook so you can be more present with others and show up for them because you want to.

It's your time to focus on making improvements to your emotional wellbeing and generate healthy more authentic relationships, not only with others but with yourself!

Limited introduction offer now only

$476 (regular price $595)


5 coaching sessions (90 minute)


Email contact between sessions

10% discount off further coaching sessions/packages

For more information email:info@thoughtperformancecoaching.com