I help smart sensitive women to think differently, connect mind and body, find their voice & live a more fulfilling life.

Ready to let go of my EX and move on!

Free yourself from the past

  • Are you fed up with your mind constantly shifting from needing to wanting, to not wanting your EX back?

  • Do you have a bad day and your mind starts telling you you need your EX to survive?

  • Or maybe your heart says you're in pain! That you need your ex to feel better! But your brain says no your ex treated you horribly, you don’t want your ex back.

  • You keep checking in on social media to see what's going on in their life, only to end up upsetting yourself by grabbing for the chocolate cookies to soothe yourself and then up feeling like Sh*t!

  • You want to move on but just can't seem to take the last step of letting go.


Then it's time to pull up those big girl pants and finally bring that chapter of your life to a healthy completion.

Letting go of past relationships can be a struggle for women, which is why I put together this coaching package. To help women like you. It’s time to see reality for what it is. No matter how much you wish things had turned out differently, your lives are destined for different paths. You need to let go.

This coaching program will help you discover…

  • How to release a disempowering behaviour and generate a new empowering behaviour.

  • How to think differently, replace a negative thought for a healthier supportive thought

  • How to refocus and move beyond the fear

  • How to forgive yourself/others and enjoy a new sense of freedom.

  • How to transform your emotional state at any time to support you moving forward.

The 5-session coaching program assists you to finally break away from an EX in a healthy way ready to start a positive next new chapter in your life.

Use your inner resources and imagination to generate empowering behaviours

Tuning into yourself, you’ll learn the positive intention behind unhealthy behaviours and find new ways to meet your needs with healthier behaviours.

Empowering new thinking habits

With this awareness, you will see how you can influence your thoughts to change the way you feel.

Stepping beyond the fear and into the realm of possibility

You will feel energized with a new focus of what you want and how to get it.

A new-found sense of freedom through forgiveness

You’ll release the negative energy from the past relationship and be feel empowered.

Boost your self-confidence at anytime

You’ll have a tool that connects your mind and body instantly changing your emotional state, helping to improve your overall emotional wellbeing.

It’s time to Break Free from the past and move on with your future.

5 coaching sessions (90 min)

Email contact between sessions

For more information email:info@thoughtperformancecoaching.com