"If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one" Dolly Parton


For a long time you have been programming your mind with your thoughts and your feelings, never thinking twice what you have been feeding your mind, it's just a natural process and accepted. We have never been taught how our mind works, so why question it, right? Most people don’t think about training their minds, as they would their bodies. We all accept a lack of physical exercise can lead to our body shape changing negatively; such as increased weight gain. Well likewise, the lack of awareness to what we are thinking, leads to the negative changes in our thought performance; increased negative thoughts.

Our minds learn from the thoughts we think and our thoughts shape our lives.

Thoughts that get attention, are energized and will serve you in either two ways; help you move forward or hold you back & keep you stuck in life. Negative thought patterns don't bring you to where you want to go, they keep you in fear, which is why you remain sometimes for long periods in the same place. Frustrations build within you because you feel you want more out of life but you have bought into the idea that this is your lot in life.

Well, that's not true, you can change your mind whenever you want. It begins with just becoming conscious about what you are thinking and learning how your thoughts are serving you. We all have an inner critic which has a purpose but can be destructive when we believe what it is saying to us.

Examples of your inner critic voice:

  • You are not good enough
  • You are not worthy of ....
  • You are better of alone, no one can love you
  • It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s will never be good enough
  • You’re different, no one understands you
  • You don’t deserve to be happy
  • You’ll never be a success
  • You are ugly
  • Your fat

Imagine your mind in two colors; white and black. Each color has a voice, the white mind speaks with the intent to support and encourage you, whilst the black mind speaks from an intent to protect to you. Both voices speak every minute of every day to us and they will never stop. The white inner voice is soft and gentle, its intent is to nurture and acts from a pace of love, ever patiently waiting for you to hear and believe its words of encouragement & support. While the black inner voice is loud and strong and needs to be heard, its intent is to protect but acts from a place a fear, ever on guard duty, its choice of words are negative and discouraging.

So, you see, by not training your mind, the black voice has the power to relentlessly push itself to the forefront of your mind, dutifully carrying out its role to protect. It keeps you where unconsciously you have decided you feel safe. Thoughts and emotions are connected. If we experience a situation which triggers a past emotion, the emotion attracts itself automatically to either one of the voices which were there from the past, without hesitation. Your mind shall always act by itself if you don’t step up and take control. The strong louder voice will by default win and you limit yourself by giving your power away. Learn to have a dialogue with your inner critic. It will create understanding and shifts your perspective so you can rewire your mind to think differently and have a healthy relationship with your inner critic.

Get back in the driving seat of your life and have your thoughts serve you rather than hinder you!

Remember, your inner voice is not you speaking, your mind is not you - You are so much much more!