Emotional baggage can affect all areas of your life

Business, Career, Relationships, & Health

When we have good emotional health we are aware of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We have healthy ways to cope with the stress and problems that are a normal part of life. We feel good about ourselves and can maintian healthy relationships. However, many things that happen in our life can disrupt our emotional health.

Life will bring its challenges, knocking us down, setting us off track and if undealt with, life will start to feel heavy. We feel possibly lost or not good enough, or maybe we feel like we have failed in some way. However it affect us, it leaves us on what seems like a continous emotional rollercoaster, or with an overactive inner critic, a lack of confidence and just for good measure possibly some form of self-sabotaging behaviour. All of them thriving on our unresolved emotions.

Unresolved emotional issues have a tendancy to hang around until you decide to embrace them. Even good or wanted changes can be as stressful as unwanted changes. These may include events such as:

  • A Business Initiative Failure
  • Getting divorced / ending a relationship.
  • Being laid off from your job.
  • Emigrating to another country .
  • Dealing with the death of a loved one.
  • Mild depression/emotional exhaustion

These events can lead to strong feelings of sadness, stress, or anxiety. Which in turn can leave us feeling either unsupported, overwhelmed, worthless, helpless, guilty, anxious, stuck in a rut of regret, imaging how life could have been if...

The path to recovery is deciding YOU deserve to be more than you are allowing yourself to be.

1. Compassion for yourself, give yourself permission to feel your repressed     emotions and to release them.

2. Have forgiveness, forgive yourself.

3. Acceptance of the situation

4. Take ownership of your behaviour

5. Make new steps to move forward

During each stage are valuable lessons to learn and grow from. The healing proess takes time and you need to give yourself time . Accepting what’s happened is in the past and viewing the present situation as just a temporary station, can help you to approach your obstacle as an opportunity to re-evaluate and change your life for the better in so many ways.

Put yourself back in the driving seat of your life.

Choose the direction you now need to take to start moving forward.