"By becoming self-aware, you gain ownership of reality; in becoming real, you become the master of the inner and outer life"         

Deepak Chopra                                                                                                                                                        

"What's in your cup"?

Ever encountered one of those moments whilst holding a cup of tea and someone comes along and bumps into you, making you spill your tea everywhere?  

Well, a major life change, such as getting married, having children, divorce, losing your job, moving to another country, has a habit of shaking things up within you, emotions surface and spill out. Just like the tea in the cup! It can leave you feeling like you have lost your sense of direction. Many people will likely experience a life-changing event at some point during their life and when it happens, it impacts both our private & professional life's. What’s important, is how you choose to deal with it.

Life is offering you a gift to refill with a new fresher tea.

Self-awareness is knowing your inner mind, how it behaves, how you respond to it and having self-compassion. When you can do this for yourself, you will lead yourself and others more effectively. Self-reflection & self-regulation are important skills to gaining self-awareness. As we grow older we change, as do our needs and what matters to us. Self-reflection is giving yourself feedback and self-regulation is understanding your emotional response to the environment around you.

Self-awareness is the source to self-esteem and confidence, understanding your strengths and your weaknesses is critical on the journey to self-improvement. Thoughts which you give attention to, shall either move you forward or hold you back in life.

There are many areas to your life such as; family, career, health, financial, fun & recreation & personal growth. Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions? Be curious to see what you answer.

How do you think, how do you feel, how do show up in each area of your life?

Are the events, circumstances, experiences you have in any one of those areas, mirroring how you think, feel and act?

Answering these questions may be a little more difficult than you had first thought. If we are honest with ourselves, we take little time to reflect, we tend more to move through life reacting to whatever comes our way and if we are feeling some form of dis-ease we push it away, with the idea it might go way or we will deal with it later and later never comes. If answering was difficult, maybe it's because you feel stuck, or moving in a direction that doesn’t feel right, or maybe you feel an empty space within. Whatever the obstacle, with thought performance coaching, together we will address the way you think and feel about the obstacle. We will change your mind and get the results you desire.

Coaching is the best investment you can make; get the best out of yourself, your life.

Together we change your mind!